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About Keith Macon

I’m a 40 year old guy that enjoys the beach, my family, movies, music, and all things related to the internet.  If I find something related to any of these thKeith Maconat is good, I’m probably going to tell you about it here.  If I find something bad related to any of these, I probably just won’t say anything about it because I think there’s plenty of negative to go around and I don’t need to add to it.  No, seriously….I’ll tell you.  I’ll probably rant about it in nauseating detail.  I’ll probably shout it from the hills.

I live and work in Randleman, NC.  You can probably find me with my girls, at the beach, watching a movie, looking for something decent to listen to, on the lookout for Ninjas, or plotting to rule the world.


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