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Summer Wind

Summer Wind Cherry Grove, North Myrtle Beach

Monday was that day.  That day at the beach when you walk off the sand with your chair, book and cooler in tow and you know that this is it.  I stopped for just a minute before I climbed over the dunes and looked back.  It’s the day you just know will be the end of the ‘summer days’ on the beach for this season.  You know the days I’m talking about.  Oh sure, they’ll be more warm days to enjoy.  More days to get a little more sun.  But that truly hot, warm summer day with the summer wind blowing and ocean like bath water will have to wait until next year.

If you go to the beach all year, as I do, you know what I’m talking about.  You wait all winter for it.   You check the weather, looking for a high anywhere above 70.  Checking the long term forecast on Monday morning to see what the high temperature will be on Friday.

Do we push it and try it a bit early sometimes?  Of course we do.  We’ll be down for the weekend in April, catch a sunny day and think, “It looks warm.  I walked on the beach early this morning and it didn’t seem too bad.”  We get out the chairs, grab the bare necessities for the beach and head out.  And…30 minutes later I’m in a long sleeve shirt hiding from the wind behind my chair or a dune.  It’s the wind.  It just hasn’t warmed up yet.  It’s not a summer wind.

That last day is always a kind of bittersweet day.  It’s sad that the summer weather is winding down but at the same time, I get a bit excited thinking about doing it all again next year.   I walked off the beach thinking about how the sunny days seem so few and the rainy days seem too frequent.  Now, where’s my blue long sleeve t-shirt…

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