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What makes girls so great daddy?

Sophie ponders things....

Sophie ponders things....

So Sophie and I are cruising down the road today. She’s happily grubbing on a Chicken McNugget Happy Meal and thrilled because she just purchased a new movie at Wal-Mart and got a great Beanie Baby in her happy meal. We’re listening to a beach music CD and Carolina Girls happens to be the selection.
Sophie looks at me and very innocently says, “So what is it that makes girls so ‘great’ daddy? They sing about girls being great and stuff. What makes them so great?” Now, I’ll give you a moment to ponder all the answers that could have gone flying out of my mouth had say, one of my poker buddies asked me this question…….

However, I responded with…”Oh my, it would help if you were a boy to understand the answer to that question. I then told her that they are, “Nice, pretty, very soft, and nice to be around.”. Sophie responds with “I’m a girl and I know what makes boys so great”. Now, the first thing that flies through my mind is “oh s**t”. Immediately followed by the thoughts of those episodes of Two and Half Men she’s watched with me and the parts of the 90210 episodes she’s seen and the pieces of the Lifetime Movies she’s watched (because after all, “your movie is on”). She responds with, “Because they’re funny, cute, silly and playful”. Could have been much, much worse I suppose…Do they have girls only schools for 6 year olds? I’ll be the first daddy to volunteer to take night watchmen duty….and I’m bringing the shotgun.

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  • Megan August 17, 2009, 10:35 pm

    love, Love, LOVE it, haha.

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