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Casa Villa Mexican Restaurant in Little River, SC

Casa Villa in Little River

Casa Villa in Little River

Great Mexican food? Yes
Off the beaten path? Yes
Fewer crowds? Yes
Great service? Absolutely

We discovered a great place to eat in Little River, SC this weekend. This is not a new restaurant but it was new to the Macon clan.

We ate at Casa Villa Mexican Restaurant in Little River, SC. The food was excellent. It was exactly what you expect from a good Mexican restaurant. The food was fresh. It was delivered quickly and the portions were excellent. I had the chimichangas, Sophie had a beef taco and Crystal had a quesadilla.

The place was very clean. They have a full bar but I would also consider it a family friendly place. They have external seating on a patio and room for you to bring a large family.

I’d also like to mention was the service. It was excellent. They were attentive and prompt. This is one of my absolute pet peeves about restaurants. I don’t care if the food is the best I’ve ever had, if you’re not nice to us, we won’t be back. The staff at Casa Villa was great. Several people asked if we were doing OK and if we needed anything.

I like the madness of the beach in the summertime. But sometimes, it’s nice to get out of the craziness and find somewhere a bit out of the way. So, next time you’re in North Myrtle Beach, and just want to get your grub on, instead of heading south into the maelstrom, head north to Little River and pull into Casa Villa Mexican Restaurant. It’s a quick trip from North Myrtle. The address is 1535 HWY 17 North, Little River, SC. Their phone number is (843) 249-7746. Their website is here.

Sophie wants me to mention that they have squirrels as well (not in the restaurant, in the parking lot).

See you at the beach!

Sophie's squirrels

Sophie's squirrels

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