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Randleman Spring Ball Parade

Randleman Spring Ball Team Parade

Randleman Spring Ball Team Parade

I intended to add a post about this a few weeks ago and honestly forgot. I came across the photos again and almost decided to skip it since it was a small event and it happened a bit ago. Then I realized that to my daughter and the kids in the parade, it was no small event at all. It was a full on, they shut the streets down, I’m walking with my team, I’m a big deal, they came to see me, there’s my grandpa, I’ve got my new uniform on, big deal. Any excuse to have a parade is a good one. Any excuse to have a parade, make some kids smile and boost their self-confidence is outstanding.

KeithMacon.com was on hand for the annual Randleman Parks and Recreation ‘Spring Ball Parade’. Why were we there? Well, of course, because Sophie was in the parade and because honestly, I think it is way cool that they shut main street down so the kids can have a parade.

What is the ‘Spring Ball Parade’ you may ask? All the Randleman Parks and Rec teams get together on a Saturday morning at the beginning of the season. They get dressed up in their brand new uniforms and parade down main street in Randleman. The Rose Parade, it is not. However, to the kids in the parade, it’s a big deal. So I say to all the Parks and Rec departments out there, in the words of the great Barry Manilow, “Start your own Parade”. Anything that instills a bit of pride and self-confidence in a child is well worth it.
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