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I love my big TV but…

At times on this blog, I talk about movies.  I love movies.  I know we all love our big TVs that go along with our big movies.  However, there might be a few little people in our lives we should consider.  The statistics are a bit troubling:

TV falling statistics

As larger TVs get cheaper and more popular, the risks for injury from falling TVs goes up.  A large screen TV falling onto a small child or toddler can easily cause severe head injuries and brain damage.  It sounds stark I know, but some of these heavier TVs have the potential to crush a small child.
Televisions are seen as a source of interest and fun for small children.  Perhaps they might try to to ‘touch’ one of their favorite characters.  They might try to climb up a tall dresser to get to the TV.  In many cases, this is asking for disaster.
Here are some simple solutions that might help keep your children safe around TVs.

  1. If possible, mount the TV to a wall.
  2. Don’t set the TV at the very front edge of the stand.  Move it to the back of the stand if possible.
  3. Avoid placing large TVs in an area where children play unattended such as a bonus room.
  4. Don’t put televisions on tall dressers or stands that weren’t designed for a TV.
  5. Don’t put toys or interesting objects on top of or near the TV.
  6. Talk to them about the dangers of touching the TV.
  7. Consider securing the TV to a piece of furniture or the wall.  There are several products on the market that will allow you to easily do this.  Just hit amazon and do a search in electronics for ‘tv safety strap’.

We all enjoy our big TVs.  Let’s just make sure we secure them properly and/or observe a few safety rules so we can all enjoy them together (including our sweet little people).



Gator Bait in Myrtle Beach

May I suggest some Gator Bait during your next trip to the Myrtle Beach area?  Let me explain…


We go to the beach all year.  This was our ‘tourist’ week.  We usually spend a couple weeks out of the year doing ‘tourist’ things while we’re at the beach.  We were looking for something we could all do together that was just a bit different.  There were 5 of us, aged 11 to 40.  I did a bit of googling and found Gator Bait kayak tours.  I called them up, we figured out a time that worked for all of us and we were all set.

I’ll give you a general overview of the trip and then go into detail to tell you why you should absolutely look these people up the next time you’re in the Myrtle Beach area.   They were great and the tour was great but I want to touch on a few things that make them different.

The drive from North Myrtle Beach was about 25 minutes.  This wasn’t a really busy week at the beach so the traffic wasn’t bad.  I don’t think they launch all their trips from the same location.  Our location was a remote boat launch that I would have never known about unless we’d taken this trip.  We showed up and parked the car.  Chris and Jane were waiting on us.  They had the kayaks unloaded and were ready to roll.  They made all of us feel very comfortable and answered all our questions.  Ten minutes after arrival we were all in our kayaks, in the water and on our way.  The water was calm.  No one really had to paddle hard to move along or to keep up with the group.  For our tour, our group of 5 were the only ones on the trip.


panorama shot

We saw birds, turtles, a gator, great scenery and were introduced to a side of the Myrtle Beach area that I had no idea even existed.  We were out on the water for around 3 hours.  The time flies by.  I completely recommend Gator Bait tours and we plan to do it again this year.  This is a peaceful break from what can be a bit of a crazy time of year at the beach.  We went in April.  The whole trip was very relaxing and calm.  You don’t need to be in great physical shape to take this trip.  The only time I really had to paddle hard was when my daughter and I had our required kayak race.  We were looking for a personal tour that was professional but not too formal.  This trip was perfect.  We all stayed together as a group but had plenty of freedom to explore a bit if we wanted to.


Now, my specific reasons for recommending them:

  1. Communication:  I must mention how great the communication was between Chris and I.  This is not your typical tourist trap tour.  These are real people.  The people you book with are the same people that take you on the tour.  We booked our trip for first thing in the morning but the weather looked like it might be a problem.  I told Chris I was a little worried about the weather.   “No problem” he said.  “We’ll just keep in touch and try to get it worked out.”  The rain showed up.  Chris and I stayed in communication via text messages and got it all worked out.  This was great.  One less thing to stress about.
  2. Never rushed:  We were never, not one time, rushed on this trip.  This was not a churn and burn tourist operation.  It was a guided tour with plenty of time to enjoy ourselves.  Again, a welcome change from the normal tourist experience.
  3. No random charges:  We weren’t charged anything extra for anything.  No $3.00 bottles of water.  No $4.00 snacks.  Jane had snacks with her in her kayak and was happy to share.  They sent us a CD of trip photos in the mail.  Again, no extra charge.
  4. A new perspective:  This trip gave me a new perspective on the landscape and Myrtle Beach area.

A few suggestions:

  1. Take a camera.  We took our small waterproof camera with a wrist strap.  It was perfect.
  2. Eat before you go.  The boat launch is in a bit of a remote location.  Make sure everyone is well fed before the trip.
  3. Bugs.  We had no problems with bugs at all.  But, I could see how they might be a problem.  Maybe take a can of bug repellant just in case.

Again, this was a great trip.  They were great.  Their website is here.  Look them up the next time you’re in the Myrtle Beach area and want to do something off the beaten path.

Gator Bait Kayak Tour

The group

The group

Ready to go

Ready to go



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